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Bright Energy customers will be switched over to Electric Ireland’s electricity supply from January 26, 2022. This is due to energy provider Bright Energy leaving the energy market, and the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) requesting Electric Ireland take over Bright Energy customers’ electricity supply.

What do you need to do?

If you’re a Bright Energy customer, you don’t need to do anything right now. We’ll switch over your account to Electric Ireland and your electricity supply will remain uninterrupted. While you are with Electric Ireland you will receive the lowest standard unit rate in the market with our Standard Residential tariff.

What happens next for Bright Energy customers?

Bright Energy customers can enjoy Ireland’s lowest standard unit rate now that you’re with Electric Ireland. Over the next 20 business days, you can choose to remain an Electric Ireland customer and opt for one of our great value price plans by signing up online or by contacting us.
You are of course free to switch to a supplier of your choosing at the end of the 20 business days. We understand you may still have some questions about this switching process, so we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions below.


Why are Bright Energy customers moving to Electric Ireland?

If an energy supplier unexpectedly exits the market, the CRU has the power to take actions to ensure affected customers are guaranteed continuity of supply and their rights are fully protected. This is done through what is called a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process. In this instance, the CRU has appointed Electric Ireland as the SoLR for Bright Energy electricity customers.

What happens to Bright Energy customers now?

Bright Energy electricity customers will be switched to Electric Ireland. During this switch, your energy supply will not be interrupted, and Electric Ireland will engage with all Bright Energy customers about their new tariff and provide information on what the next steps are.

Customers will remain with Electric Ireland for 20 business days as determined by the CRU. Once the 20 days is over (February 23, 2022) you can switch supplier or choose to stay with Electric Ireland. Electric Ireland will write to you over the next 7 days clearly highlighting these options and providing information to help you shop around for the best deal. View Electric Ireland price plans.

Will I be on the same rates with Electric Ireland that I was on with Bright Energy?

Electric Ireland will put you on the lowest standard unit rate in the market with our Standard Residential tariff for the 20-day period. During this 20-day period you have the option to sign up to one of our great value price plans. You can access the general terms and conditions of our Standard Variable Rate.

Business customers will be put on our Standard Variable tariff. Please contact our Business Sales team on 1800 30 50 70 or email us at

What happens to the credit on my Bright Energy electricity account?

Any credit/debit that you have on your Bright Energy electricity account will be addressed by Bright Energy and not by Electric Ireland.

Does Electric Ireland provide a monthly billing option?

Electric Ireland customers who have a smart meter installed and are signed up to one of our Home Electric+ plans can choose monthly billing.

Does Electric Ireland provide online billing?

Yes, Electric Ireland provides online billing to both residential and business customers. You will need your account number and MPRN to register. Your MPRN is available on your previous energy bills and your new account number will be issued to you in due course after the switch to Electric Ireland is complete.

What happens if I have a smart meter?

Electric Ireland has a number of Home Electric+ plans for smart meter customers.

I am a priority customer at Bright Energy / I am a vulnerable customer at Bright Energy. How does this switch impact me?

Electric Ireland has a range of supports available to protect vulnerable customers. Find out more about registering with Electric Ireland’s Special Services or Priority Services.

I still have questions about my electricity account

Electric Ireland’s customer care team will be happy to help answer any queries you still may have. Business customers can find our contact details online.