Paperless Billing

Go Paperless and sign up to online billing to claim a 0.5% discount applied to every electricity and gas bill.

Paperless Billing


Access to Appliance Insights

Our Appliance Itemisation feature means you’ll know exactly which appliances are costing you the most. There’s no arguing with the data.

Offers and Competition Opportunities

At Electric Ireland, we value your loyalty. That’s why we invite you to enter our Customer Draw every month to win fantastic prizes for you and your family.



Submitting a Meter Reading

You can submit your gas or electricity meter readings online. Simply sign in and select the account you want to submit a reading for.

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Access to Easy Energy Savings Tips

From everyday energy usage, such as light switches and work equipment, to new technologies such as electric vehicles and home chargers, Electric Ireland is helping you use less and save more in a one-stop shop.

energy saving

Setting Up Your Online Account

What you need to set up your online account:

1. Your account number
2. Last 6 digits of your MPRN/GPRN
3. Your email address
4. Your phone number
5. Date of Birth

More Payment Benefits


Set Up Direct Debits

Take the hassle out of paying your electricity or gas bill by setting up Direct Debit. You can set up or update your Direct Debit in Your Account Online.

make payments

Make Payments

Paying your bill has never been easier. You can pay your electricity and/or gas bill by logging in to Your Account Online.

flexible payment options

Flexible Payment Options

You can switch between monthly and bi-monthly billing to suit your needs if you have a smart account.

access to your invoices

Instant Access to your Invoices

Your online account will display all your current accounts and your closed accounts. Sign up for Your Account Online to access your account information when and where you choose.

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