Helping you on your journey to electrifying your home

What is

The Platform is a free to use, unbiased, service which identifies the specific energy deficiencies of your home based on the contents of your BER data or uses a predictive model if you have no BER. It provides tailored step-by-step plans for you to choose from, each designed to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Duo installing solar panels on the roof of a house

How does it work?

This platform has been designed to help demystify the process and arm you with clear, and concise information personalised to your own requirements including cost estimates, expected payback periods, SEAI grants and estimated savings on your energy bills. The functionality is designed to cater for all users including prospective homeowners or renters and homeowners who don’t have a BER. Within the platform you will be taken through the steps below.

What to expect with

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1. Home Overview

Get an overview of your specific home’s current and potential energy rating, including the main areas contributing to your energy loss.

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2. Upgrade Options

Provides you with tailored upgrade packages for you to choose from, with options ranging from quick and simple options to deep retrofits. These include: SEAI grants, estimated savings and payback periods.

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3. Next Steps

Connects you with the those in the different industries who can help you through each step of your energy efficiency journey.

Key Performance Indicators