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Smarter Pay As You Go

Smarter Pay As You Go is a sophisticated Pay As You Go meter that comes with a clever In Home Monitor. It provides you with consumption information to allow you to manage and control your electricity costs. With SPAYG, you pay for your electricity as you are using it.

Electric Ireland SPAYG

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Smarter Pay As You Go

Sign up today and enjoy:

  • Free Installation
  • Estimated Annual Bill €1,887 (incl. VAT)**
  • Unit Rate of 35.83 c/kWh (incl. VAT)**

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Benefits of Smarter Pay As You Go

  • No More Bills – no more surprises, the Smarter Pay As You Go meter puts you in total control by allowing you to prepay your electricity
  • With Smarter Pay As You Go you can track your electricity usage and spend from your In Home Monitor. You can also use your monitor to check your balance
  • Energy Efficiency – benefit your pocket and the environment

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Easy Top Up Options

Top up in a way that best suits your needs.

  • Quickly and conveniently online
  • With a Single text
  • Over the counter – using your Smarter Pay As You Go Card at any Payzone outlet
  • Via our Electric Ireland Top Up Now app available on iOS and Android

No need to input long codes into the meter as the top up goes directly to the Smarter Pay As You Go meter no matter what top up option you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Smarter Pay As You Go and regular Pay As You Go?

With Smarter Pay As You Go, any payments you make are automatically sent to your meter, meaning that you don’t have to manually input top up codes. You can make payments from anywhere in the world so your house is always powered.
You also receive an In Home Monitor, on which you can view your top up history, your consumption, and any remaining credit and debt on your meter.

2. Sounds great, how much does Smarter Pay As You Go cost?

The Smarter Pay As You Go meter and installation of it is free. Once you're on Smarter Pay As You Go, you will pay the standard unit rates.
There is a 37.5c daily service charge for the meter. For this daily rate you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Smarter Pay As You Go meter like setting daily spending limits, topping up via our app and much more.

3. Am I eligible for a Smarter Pay As You Go Meter?

To have a Smarter Pay As You Go meter installed in your home - the qualifying criteria are:

  • No more than one electricity meter installed in your property, i.e. No Night Storage Heater (NSH) Meter installed
  • No medical equipment reliant on electricity
  • Vending facilities: proximity to outlet and/or access to online or text top ups
  • Somebody over the age of 18 needs to be in the property on the day of installation
4. Do I need to contact my old supplier?

Previously on Pay As You Go:
From the day you sign up with Electric Ireland your electricity will be supplied by us. However you need to contact your previous supplier to obtain a 60 digit deactivation code to deactivate your previous prepayment device. This is to ensure that you will no-longer top up with the incorrect supplier. This deactivation code will become available after 5 days from your sign up date, please contact your old supplier and request this code. Any credit remaining on your old meter should be refunded by your old supplier. Any payments made to your old supplier after the supply switches to Electric Ireland are entitled to be refunded also.

Previously on bill pay:
No you do not need to contact your old supplier, sit back and relax we will take it from here. We will notify your old supplier that you have switched. You will be an Electric Ireland customer from the day you sign up. The electricity you use from the day you sign up to the day your meter is installed will be added to the meter and recovered using 25% of your top ups. Please ignore any bills you receive for this amount. This is simply to let you know the value that has been added to your meter.

5. What about my electricity allowance from the Department of Social Protection?

We will sort this in the background. The allowance will be issued every 2 months as normal and will be added directly as credit to your meter. The In Home Monitor will notify you when it has been added.