Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Electric Ireland is a part of ESB Group and operates as an Electricity and Gas Supply company serving the Industrial, Commercial and Residential Markets. Our supply service to our customers includes the following activities: purchasing of electricity and gas, setting prices, billing, payment, contract management, provision of energy services, marketing and customer communications.

Our Policy

Electric Ireland is committed to:

  • Conduct our core activities and those undertaken on our behalf, in an environmentally responsible matter and in compliance with all legal obligations and company policies and standards.
  • Maintain and continually improve an effective Environmental Management System.
  • Act responsibly in our use of national environmental resources.
  • Maximise energy efficiency and conservation in all our operations and encourage our customers to use energy efficiently and effectively.
  • Minimise significant environmental risks.
  • Minimise the production of all wastes as far as practicable and dispose of all residual wastes in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Promote Sustainability & Environmental Awareness to staff, suppliers and contractors.
  • Regularly review the impact of our operations on the environment.

In Electric Ireland we recognise that our business activities impact on the environment and that it is our responsibility to manage these impacts in a manner that contributes to the sustainable development of the economy and provides a high level of protection for our natural environment. This aligns Electric Ireland with our ESB Group Sustainability Strategy.

Paul Stapleton Signature

Paul Stapleton
General Manager
Electric Ireland
Date : 08/07/2016