Key Performance Indicators

1.1M Empowering Electric Ireland's 1.1 million customers to Net Zero
50% Save over 50% on your homes’ electricity with Solar PV Panels
€381 Annual cost to charge your EV at home on the cheapest Home Electric+ Night Boost rate
12% Smart meter insights can help you save up to 12% on electricity consumption

Your journey to a brighter, Net Zero future


Start your journey

Read our guide to creating a more energy efficient home.

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Your World, Brighter

How we use electricity can be smarter, greener and cleaner.

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Net Zero Products & Services

Green Advice:
Your world, brighter, cleaner & greener


Green Price Plans

Green Electricity price plans to support your journey to a Net Zero future.

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Interactive House

The Interactive Home

Get tips and advice on making small changes at home that can help you save on your energy bills.

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SEAI Energy Upgrade Grants

Find out what SEAI grants are available right now for home energy upgrades.

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Heat Pump Service

Maintaining your heat pump will help you get the most from the price plan you are on.

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Heat Pump Price Plans

Find a heat pump price plan that suits you.

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Our Journey to Net Zero


Net Zero 2040 Strategy

Learn more about ESB’s 2040 strategy ‘Driven to Make a Difference: Net Zero by 2040.

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Key Performance Indicators