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Why is my bill higher/lower than normal?

Is your bill estimated?

  • "Reading type" on page 1 of your bill will display if your bill is estimated.

  • Alternatively, if you see an "E" beside your meter reading, it means it's estimated.


If the reading on your estimated bill is significantly higher or lower than your actual bill. You then need to submit your own meter reading and, where appropriate, we’ll issue a new bill based on your reading.

Are previous reading(s) based on estimations?

A possible reason for a higher than expected bill is the previous bill(s) was based on an estimated reading and the present bill is based on an actual reading. The present bill may be compensating for the lower previous bill(s). Units that were consumed during the previous billing period(s) may not have been charged due to an underestimation of that bill, these units are now included in the current bill.

How many days is your bill for?

A bill may cover more than the average 60-64 day billing period. If this is the case, your
bill may be higher due to the additional days of usage being taken into account.

Have you used more/less electricity or gas than usual?

Ensure that you are comparing your current bill to the same period of the year previous. For example, you’ll use more energy during the winter months in comparison to the summer months. Look at the units you've used on this bill compared to your bill this time last year.

Our prices may have changed

Your electricity and gas prices are subject to change, but we’ll always inform you in advance.

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