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What is a Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter measures electricity usage, similar to a traditional meter, without the need for estimated meter readings. With Smart Meters, you no longer have to submit readings or have someone read the meter. Smart Meters can help reduce your bills and your carbon footprint by always reflecting the electricity you’ve actually used.

What is a Smart Meter

How does a Smart Meter work

How does a Smart Meter work?

A Smart Meter contains a cellular transmitter, allowing it to communicate how much electricity is being used, and when. It can relay this information to ESB Networks, to your electricity provider and of course, to you. Giving you more control over your energy.

Why choose Electric Ireland?

Our innovative Home Electric+ plans offer:
  • No more bill surprises or estimated bills

  • Bill prediction alerts to let you know you’re on track

  • See which appliances are using the most electricity

  • Personalised usage insights on your online account

  • Regular reviews so you know you’re on the right plan

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Why choose Electric Ireland for your Smart Meter price plan

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your bills and carbon footprint

We’ll give you rich electricity insights to help you understand what’s driving your electricity consumption. By making small changes to your usage habits, you can start to use less and save more. That’s better for your pocket and better for the environment.

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time-of-use price plans

Did you know cheaper, greener electricity is available to Irish homes and businesses at ‘off-peak’ times? This is typically at night, from 11pm to 8am. Switching to a time-of-use price plan will allow you to avail of these cheaper rates, and make better choices for you. Our flexible plans include Weekender, Night Boost and SST.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are the next generation of electricity meters. Using digital technology and the 2G mobile phone network, the smart meter will give you access to accurate information on your energy usage throughout the day.

From 2021, electricity supply companies will begin to offer new smart products and services which will enable you to shift some of your consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper.

2. Why are all meters being replaced?

Smart Meters are the next generation electricity meters and will replace older mechanical meters. When fully operational, Smart Meters will bring benefits to the consumer, the environment and the economy.

With Smart Meters, there will be no need for estimated bills. You will be able to access the information you need to make more informed choices about your consumption and tariffs. Accurate information about energy usage across the day will allow you to manage your bills with greater accuracy.

The environment will benefit because smart metering will encourage energy efficiency and support an increase in renewable power on the electricity system. The upgrade program will help to cut CO2 emissions and lower Ireland’s costly reliance on fossil fuel imports.

The economy will benefit because using Smart Meters will help us to more efficiently manage energy flow at times of high demand. They will also enhance competition and improve consumer experience, customer choice and the range of products and services available.

3. Who will carry out the replacement work?

The meter replacement will be carried out by ESB Networks or a company working on behalf of ESB Networks.

4. How much is this programme costing?

The replacement of over 2 million electricity meters with the next generation electricity meter over a six-year period will cost some €1.2bn. Like other infrastructure upgrades, the cost of the meter upgrade will be recouped over time in charges paid for use of the electricity network which means there is no upfront charge to have a Smart Meter installed. The Commission for Regulation of Utilities has done extensive analysis of the plan and is satisfied that the investment involved represents value for money.

5. Will every home get a meter upgrade?

Yes. Eventually every mechanical meter will be upgraded to a Smart Meter.

6. When will I get a smart meter?

The replacement program started in Autumn 2019 and will continue until the end of 2024. To date, over 240,000 smart meters have been installed across Ireland by ESB Networks. Electric Ireland customers account for 106,000 of these installations. ESB Networks will carry out this work on an area by area basis and a detailed rollout plan is currently being developed. While the initial focus will be on the oldest meters, ESB Networks intend to include an option for customers to apply through your electricity supplier or ESB Networks for a prioritised installation of a Smart Meter. ESB Networks will give everyone plenty of notice about when they are coming to your area to replace meters.

7. Can I become a smart meter early adopter?

Yes, if you have a standard 24 hour electricity meter*, you can request an early smart meter install when ESB Networks are in your area.

ESB Networks are currently in; Cork, Dublin South, Limerick, Sligo, Dundalk, Kilkenny, Dublin North, Arklow, Fermoy, Dublin Central, Ennis, Cavan, Newcastle West, Dunmanway, Enniscorthy, Tullamore, Letterkenny, Killarney, Mullingar, Waterford, Killybegs and Galway.

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* Only available for 24hour electricity meters, not day/night or night storage heater meters.

I am a customer with a Smart Meter installed

I am not a customer with a Smart Meter installed