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Solar PV Panels for Your Home and Business

Your home's roof could be saving you money right now.

By installing our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels your home can generate clean, green renewable energy from daylight -a free and natural resource.

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Rooftop Solar for Farms

Electric Ireland offer various size Solar PV arrays starting with a 20 panel 6kWp array.

Larger arrays are available and will be designed and sized to best suit your farms requirements.

Electric Ireland can also include a diverter to heat your water and we can also install a battery made by Sonnen of Germany.

What is a Solar Battery Storage system?

Store your Solar generated electricity for later use in your home. The battery system can be programmed to charge on cheaper night rate electricity resulting in further savings and lower bills.



Monitor your power usage

To see how much power your home is using a good quality broadband connection is necessary. Once installed the homeowner can review both the live and cumulative energy usage in the home on the free energy app from their smartphone.

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If you are interested in adding a battery to your Electric Ireland Solar PV installation, or thinking about adding a battery storage system to your existing Solar PV complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.


I want to buy Solar PV for my home


1. Request a call back

To speak to a technician to learn more about our Solar PV & Battery products complete the form below.


2. Site Visit

Our trained technicians will carry out a survey of your property to determine the suitability and advise on the best options to suit you. An installation date will also be arranged if you wish to proceed.

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3. Payment

There are 2 payment options: 1) You can pay the amount upfront or 2) 50% is payable after survey and final balance is payable following installation.


4. Solar Installation

We will install the panels to highest standards and you will be then brought through a tutorial so you are comfortable with all aspects of Solar PV.

Are you Interested?

Fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also call our Home Services Team now on 1800 372 333.

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What else do I need to know?

1. What does an Electric Ireland Solar PV installation cost?

Prices start from €5,200 (inc. VAT). Interest free payment plan for qualifying Electric Ireland customers. Deposit of €1040 plus 36 monthly payments of €116.00.

2. What is included in the Solar PV offer?

An inverter to change power from the Solar Panels (direct current) to usable power in your home (alternating current).
A diverter to send excess power generated to your immersion heater.
You can now add-on a Solar PV Battery Storage system to help you save even more energy. Our sales agents would be happy to discuss these details with you when you fill in the Solar PV Battery Storage callback form.

3. How much is the Residential Solar PV grant & am I eligible?

The grant is €900 per kW up to a maximum of 2 kW. Homes that were first occupied before 2011 and reach a BER of C or better after the solar PV installation is complete are eligible for the grant.

4. What is the grant for a battery storage system?

Provided the battery storage system is installed together with the Solar PV, a further €600 grant is available.

5. Do Electric Ireland supply battery storage systems?

Yes, Electric Ireland can provide a quotation for battery storage subject to a site survey. Visit our Solar PV Battery Storage page for more information.

6. How much of a grant will I receive?

The smallest array we supply and fit comprises of 6 panels starts at €5,200 (inc. VAT) is eligible for a grant of €1,600. The maximum grant amount that can be awarded is €3,000.

7. Do I need planning permission??

Generally a home is allowed up to 12 sq. m of Solar Panels on the roof without having to seek planning permission. Electric Ireland's Solar Panel array covers 10.2 sq.m so normally no planning permission is required.

8. How do I apply for a grant?

You can apply for the grant on the SEAI website.

9. What is Solar PV?

Solar PV, also called Photovoltaic, uses the sun's energy to convert daylight into renewable energy. The electricity is then consumed within the home, reducing your need to buy energy from a supplier. When a Solar PV system produces more energy than a home needs, the extra energy can go to your immersion heater. Solar PV is not to be confused with Solar Thermal - while Solar Thermal heats water only, Solar PV gives you free electricity and hot water. Watch our promotional video here for even more information.

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