Electric Ireland supports Adult Safeguarding for vulnerable customers

Electric Ireland Adult Safeguarding Day

Electric Ireland is committed to providing the best value and support to our customers all year round, that’s why we support Safeguarding Ireland’s Adult Safeguarding Day.  

Vulnerable customers can avail of a range of supports to help protect themselves through registering with Electric Ireland’s Special Services or Priority Services.  

What is Electric Ireland Special Services? 

Electric Ireland Special Services applies to customers who are: 

  • Of advanced age, physical, intellectual or mental health difficulties.
  • Visually impaired and require Braille bills, large printed or talking bills.

Customers registered as Special Services will never be disconnected during the winter months. 

What is Electric Ireland Priority Services? 

Electric Ireland Priority Services are suitable for customers who are: 

  • Dependent on medical equipment including but not limited to life-protecting devices such as ventilators and home dialysis machines.

We recognise that customers on Priority Services have special requirements for electricity continuity, therefore Electric Ireland will never request a disconnection unless requested by a customer to do so. 

How to register as a vulnerable customer with Electric Ireland 

If you think you fit into the Special Services or Priority Services category, talk to the Electric Ireland team today, by ringing 1800 372 372 and our team will be happy to assist.  

Alternatively, you can also register through this form, send it back to us and our team will be in touch regarding your eligibility.  

How do you arrange for someone else to act on your behalf if you need assistance?   

Another initiative available to all customers is the option of adding  a second person to your Electric Ireland account. This allows them to act on your behalf if you need them to. 

The main account holder and second named person will both need to make a request with our Electric Ireland team. Remember to have your account number ready when you contact Electric Ireland 

What is Adult Safeguarding Day? 

Friday, November 19, 2021, marks Adult Safeguarding Day, the first day of its kind organised by Safeguarding Ireland. The day aims to create awareness of adult safeguarding and the supports that exist to uphold our rights, support our health and wellbeing and reduce our risk of harm. It involves ourselves, our families, services and professionals all working together to prevent adult abuse.  

For more information, visit safeguardingireland.org/.