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Electric Ireland Smart Electricity Meters

What is a smart meter?

As part of the National Climate Action Plan, ESB Networks is upgrading all electricity meters across the country. The standard meter that you have in your home now will be replaced with a smart meter. This next generation of digital electricity meters will benefit us all. Smart meters will help us all become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

A smart meter measures electricity usage, like a traditional meter, without the need for estimated meter readings. So you no longer have to submit readings or have someone read the meter.

Smart meters will only reflect the electricity you’ve actually used. By providing you with greater access to accurate information on your energy usage, you will have greater control over your energy consumption. By changing your behaviour based on your new insights, you can reduce your bills as well as your carbon footprint.

You can find more information about ESB Networks’ rollout. If you haven’t already had your smart meter installed, you can register online to become an early adopter.

Sign up to a smart meter plan

Once your smart meter is installed Electric Ireland has a smart meter plan to suit you. Our range of smart meter plans are called Home Electric+. Find out more about Home Electric+.

What are smart electricity services?

Smart meters can give you accurate and regular information on your electricity usage and ensure no estimated bills. They can help customers make more informed choices about their consumption. They will enable new ways to save money by shifting some of your electricity consumption to (off peak) times of the day when energy is cheaper.

How much is this programme costing?

The replacement of over 2 million electricity meters with the next generation electricity meter over a six-year period will cost some €1.2bn.

Like other infrastructure upgrades, the cost of the meter upgrade will be recouped over time in charges paid for use of the electricity network which means there is no upfront charge to have a Smart Meter installed.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities has done extensive analysis of the plan and is satisfied that the investment involved represents value for money.

Do I have to pay for the new meter?

There is no additional charge for upgrading your meter. Like other meter upgrades, the cost is included in your existing charges for use of the electricity network.

Is my Smart Meter data safe?

Yes. Protecting the privacy and security of customer information is core to the replacement programme. There are very clear rules under data protection legislation to protect consumers and ESB Networks and all other stakeholders work closely with the Data Protection Commissioner. ESB Networks complies fully with the requirements of GDPR legislation.

Are the new meters a risk to my health?

ESB Networks have a total commitment to your health and safety. The upgraded smart meters will be safe and will comply with all necessary requirements and international standards.

Health authorities around the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), have assessed the scientific evidence and there are no established health effects from smart meters which use similar technology to that used in your mobile phone.

For more information on smart meters and smarter services go to the Electric Ireland Smart Meters page.
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