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Electric vehicle chargers for business

Year on year, electric vehicle (EV) sales are increasing around the world. What better time to invest in EV charging stations at your business, where both staff and customers can avail of your EV charging services?.

Invest in EV charging stations for big business benefits

Whether you’re a retailer, carpark operator, hotel, hospital or any other site owner, by installing EV charging points you can attract and retain people to your site.
At Electric Ireland, we believe in making the sustainable choice the easy choice. With our professional EV charger installation you can reduce your business carbon footprint, promote sustainability in the workplace and build brand positivity.

EV charging at work

By providing electric vehicle charging at work you can attract and retain employees. On-site EV charging facilities display a real commitment to corporate social responsibility while also adding a practical perk to the EV owner’s working day.

Bespoke EV charger installation for SMEs

Electric Ireland provides a fully bespoke serviced electric vehicle charging network, providing professional EV charger installation after a quick survey of your site.

Whatever your business, we can help you commit to a low carbon future with on-site EV charging stations. Because we’re brighter together.

Why Electric Ireland EV chargers?

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  • Electric Ireland is the market leader in EV charger installation

  • EV chargers to suit every type of electric vehicle

  • Nationwide service

  • Certified safe electric

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the installation requirements for an EV charging station?

The wall-mounted electric vehicle charger is installed using surface wiring i.e. the cable connecting the distribution board and charger can be mounted onto an interior or exterior wall. The existing wiring system must be in line with current Irish National Wiring Rules. Businesses require a dedicated electric car parking spot next to the EV charging point. In some cases, owner or landlord consent may be required before an EV charger could be installed.  This will be considered at the time of purchase.

2. What is the cost of EV Charger installation for business?

Get in touch with our sales team and we’ll arrange a site survey to generate a quote for your business.

3. What guarantee comes with your EV charger?

Our EV chargers each come with an individual warranty on parts & labour and a 12-month warranty from Electric Ireland.

4. Are there additional costs for pole-mounted units?

Pole is sold separately to the charging unit. Pole-mounted units may require installation of underground trunking and cables. Civil works to install trunking and reinstate ground surfaces will be quoted separately following a site survey.

5. Who do I call if I have a problem with my EV charger?

If you have a problem with your EV charger please call Electric Ireland at +353 (0)1 850 372 787 or email

6. Do I have to be an Electric Ireland electricity and/or gas customer to get the charger?

You do not have to be an Electric Ireland customer to avail of this product, this offering is available to all businesses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

7. I think my job is small. Are you still interested?

We offer the EV charger installation service to business customers across Ireland, no matter how small the job. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

8. What type of EV charge point do I need, 7 Kw, 22Kw or higher ?

There is a lot of discussion about the speed of an EV charger, (i.e. the amount of power it can deliver) with most believing the bigger and more powerful EV chargers the better. While this may be the case from a simplistic perspective, there are a lot of different factors involved when determining the correct solution and quite often the numbers become a lot more realistic and manageable when you bring in dwell times and load balancing into the equation. At Electric Ireland, our specialists can help your business decide what is the best solution to fit its own use case, capabilities and available budget.

9. Can I control who uses our EV charging point?

Yes. You can go for a key activated unit which enables you to leave the unit on for general use or use the key to control access to authorised users. Alternatively, you can have a communicating unit with access controlled by use of an RFID card. This enables you to issue cards to authorised users.

10. What electric vehicles are compatible with the EV charger?

Electric Ireland EV charging products are supplied with the industry standard Type 2 sockets and are fully compatible with every new electric or plug-in hybrid car and light van currently available in the Republic of Ireland. To check if your electric vehicle is compatible please email

11. What are the benefits of offering EV charging to my employees and customers?

By offering EV charging stations, you can establish your business as a forward-looking and sustainable leader. By providing EV charging at work you can attract and retain key employees. By having EV charging services available to customers, you can increase both customer loyalty and spend. It also allows you to future-proof your property as both regulations and market demand converge to make EV charging a necessary amenity at commercial properties.