What are Pass Through costs?

Pass Through costs are set by ESB Networks / EirGrid / SEMO (TUoS, DUoS, Market Operator, Imperfection Charges) and approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), this includes charges associated with Use of System costs and usually happens in October. This means that Unit Prices and Standing Charges above are subject to change when Pass Throughs change. This will not affect any discount you have.

For more information, please visit the CRU website.

Here is a breakdown of what exactly makes up the Pass Through Costs on your bill:


Capacity Payments
Payment to generators for availability separate from energy production.

Market Operator Charges
Charges applied to generators and suppliers for the operation of wholesale markets.

Imperfection Charges
Charges applied to recover constraint costs on the network.


Network Transmission use of system charges (TUoS)
Charges for building, maintaining and operating the transmission network.

Network Distribution use of system charges (DUoS)
Charges for building maintaining and operating the distribution network.

PSO Levy

Public Service Obligation Levy
A Government mandated levy created to support the generation of electricity from sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

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