Pieta House Darkness Into Light

Darkness into Light supported by Electric Ireland

Darkness Into Light
Electric Ireland has supported Darkness into Light since 2013, working with Pieta to bring hope to customers, staff and communities across Ireland that have been affected by suicide.

Suicide shows no boundaries affecting communities right around the country and as a leading brand in Ireland we have the responsibility to help and give back to the communities in which our customers live in.

Having started out with approximately 400 people walking the course in Dublin’s Phoenix Park in 2009, Darkness Into Light has grown to see at peak over 200,000 people in 19 countries across 5 continents taking part in the global movement and sharing the light to remove the stigma around suicide and self-harm and spread the power of hope in Ireland and around the globe.

Electric Ireland’s aim is to create a brighter future for all. We believe in bringing light to dark places and the sponsorship of Darkness Into Light is one element helping ensure this mission becomes a reality. We believe that together we can make a difference, for our customers, our staff and Ireland as a whole.