Pieta House Darkness Into Light

Darkness into Light supported by Electric Ireland

Darkness Into Light

Electric Ireland has proudly supported Darkness into Light since 2013, working with Pieta to bring hope to customers, staff and communities across Ireland that have been affected by suicide. As Ireland's leading energy provider, Electric Ireland understands the importance of bringing light into homes and communities around the country.

Darkness Into Light is a true demonstration of how we're brighter together, as people unite to offer support and solidarity to those impacted by suicide. It is our hope that through this long-term partnership with Pieta that we can help those in our communities that are affected by suicide and self-harm to take their first steps from darkness into light.

Funds raised during Darkness Into Light with the continued support of Irish people at home and abroad ensures that Pieta can keep their lights on in the fight against suicide and continue to operate their free of charge life-saving services in providing therapy and support for people experiencing self-harm and suicidal distress and for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

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