GAA Minor Championship

The Electric Ireland GAA Minor Football and Hurling Sponsorship

GAA Minor Championship

Electric Ireland officially launched the GAA Minor Championships on Tuesday 21st June in advance of the return to play following the Leaving Cert break. Having worked with the Minors over the past four years, Electric Ireland truly understands all that encompasses playing Minor.


Electric Ireland is proud sponsor of the Official GAA minor Football and Hurling Championship and understands that for those involved This is Major.

Minor players experience these same major moments but the additional wisdom garnered from playing sport at national level will stand to them for a lifetime and across all facets of their lives. We want to share these insights proving once and for all ‘there’s nothing Minor about playing Minor’.

Everybody remembers their late teens. It is a crucial time in life, full of excitement and promise on one hand and anxiety and pressure on the other.

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