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Electric Ireland, with our official partners NRG Panel, offer you innovative solar PV panels and expert installation. Enabling you to work more sustainably.

NRG Panel: Harnessing Energy with Cutting-edge Solar Technology.

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What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels, turn sunlight into electricity without producing carbon emissions. This can be used to power your business, heat your water, or be stored in a battery for later use. Through the Microgeneration for Business installations up to 50kWp can also receive 21c/kWh credit for any excess electricity you export. 100% capital allowance available on solar PV installations. For further information, please visit Accelerated Capital Allowance.

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Save up to 50% on your business’s electricity.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Help your business achieve net zero target.

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SEAI grants available

There are SEAI grants up to €162,000 available to you right now. Please read Non-Domestic Microgen Scheme and Business Grants and Supports to receive government grant aid towards the installation of solar PV for your business.

On average it now takes less than 5 years for your investment in a PV panel system to pay for itself.

Solar PV Battery Storage

Add a Solar Battery System to increase savings from Solar PV and to store generated energy for later use. Batteries can be programmed to charge at a cheaper night rate if you are on a Night Saver or Day/Night/Peak tariff.

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Solar PV Potential Savings

System Size Kilowatt Peak (max output) 25 kWp 50 kWp 100 kWp
Annual Generation 21,250 kWh 42,500 kWh 85,000 kWh
Annual Savings Assumed Self Consumption of Solar Electricity 50% €3,720 75% €11,150 100% €29,750
Micro Generation of Exported Electricity 50% €2,230 25% €2,230 0% --
Annual Savings Assuming kWh cost of €0.35 and Microgen rate of €0.21 per kWh.
(Solar power consumed and exported will vary from site to site)
Savings year 1 €5,950 Savings year 1 €13,380 Savings year 1 €29,750
Return Payback Estimate 4 to 6 Years 3 to 5 Years 3 to 5 Years

*This varies from business to business depending on the load and size of premises.

Interested in Solar PV and/or Solar batteries?

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1. Request a Call Back

To speak to a technician to learn more about our Solar PV & Battery products complete the form below.

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2. Online Consultation/ Business Visit

Our trained technicians will do an online consultation or visit your business to determine the best options to suit your premises. Once the order is placed with Electric Ireland, we will help you with the grid application which will need to be submitted and approved by ESB Networks before an installation date can be arranged.

Please note that the, the non-refundable grid application fee is paid by the customer directly to ESB Networks.

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3. Site Survey

Our trained technicians will carry out a site survey before issuing site specific quotation.

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4. Payment

There are 2 payment options: 1) You can pay the full amount upfront or 2) 50% is payable after grid application approval and final balance is due following installation.

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5. Solar Installation

We will install the panels to highest standards, and you will be then brought through instructions and a handover, so you are comfortable with all aspects of Solar PV. On receiving final payment from customer, Electric Ireland will submit all required documentation to SEAI, so SEAI can then inspect the installation and then transfer grant funds to customer.

Are you Interested?

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  • Data submitted on this form will be securely transferred to NRG Panel to allow them to call you and discuss the offer with you, you may also be contacted by Electric Ireland for research purposes. NRG Panel’s privacy policy is accessible on their website.

    Data submitted on this form will also be viewed by Electric Ireland to allow for auditing of the process. Please refer to our Privacy Notice.

What else do I need to know?

Solar PV Panels FAQs

1. What is Solar PV?

Solar PV, also called Photovoltaic, uses the sun's energy to convert daylight into renewable energy. The electricity is then consumed within the premises reducing the amount of energy you need to buy from your supplier.

2. What does an Electric Ireland Solar PV installation cost?

A solar array installed on a commercial premises is a bespoke installation and price will be very much site specific. Electric Ireland will give a competitive quotation for a high-quality installation with short payback period for the customer.

3. What is included in the Solar PV offer?
  • High Quality Solar PV panels mounted securely and safely to your roof. Quantity and output of system will be discussed to suit your needs during consultation.
  • An inverter to convert electricity from DC to usable power (AC) for your business.
  • An optional hot water diverter to send excess electricity to heat your water.
  • Option to add battery storage to your Solar PV system to save excess solar electricity for increased savings.
4. How much is the Solar PV grant & am I eligible?

A grant for solar installations is available from SEAI for installations up to 1MW and up to €162,000 in value. A 50kWp installation would qualify for a grant of €12,600. 100% Accelerated capital allowance is also available on solar PV installations.

5. How do I apply for a grant?

Please visit to complete Solar PV application. Please click on link provided for further information: Non-Domestic Microgen Scheme | Business Grants and Supports | SEAI

6. Do I need planning permission to install solar panels?

The installation of solar panels on most properties is exempt from planning permission. There are exclusion zones in some areas where array size may be limited.

7. Will there be any disruption during the installation of my solar battery?

Electric Ireland will discuss the installation in detail with you before installation commences. An installation plan will be agreed beforehand which prioritises health and safety and keeps disruption to a minimum.

8. Is good quality broadband required?

A good quality broadband connection is necessary to monitor how much power your solar installation is generating and if a battery is installed to monitor the energy consumed on the premises.

9. What is Microgeneration?

Microgenerators such as Solar PV generate clean and renewable energy to meet significant proportions of the electricity demands of a household or business. The Government Microgeneration Support Scheme is now available so that those with a registered microgeneration device can sell any excess electricity back to Ireland’s electricity grid.

10. How can I avail of microgeneration?

An NC6/NC7 grid application form is submitted to ESB Networks, prior to installation. Once the installation is complete our installers will submit the completed documentation. Your account will then be automatically set up for microgeneration.

11. What rate will I get paid?

Electric Ireland currently offers a rate of 21c per kWh you export.

12. How does the microgeneration payment work?

Payment is made in the form of a credit on your electricity bill reflecting your microgeneration export in that period.

Solar Battery FAQs

1. What type of battery do Electric Ireland supply?

Electric Ireland supplies top quality batteries provided by our installation partners. These batteries are known for their reliability, each battery is a fully integrated energy storage solution enabling users to change the way they manage and control their energy.

2. What size are the batteries?

Batteries are modular and can be sized to suit customer’s needs, minimum size in a commercial building would normally be 10kWh.

3. How does the battery work?

The battery stores the unused generated power from your solar PV array for later use, this ensures that you use practically all the power your PV has generated. The battery can also be set to charge on cheaper night rate electricity which can then be used during the day for further savings.

4. Can I add additional battery storage capacity later if my needs change?

Yes, additional battery modules can be simply installed should your requirements change.

5. Does the battery need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, the battery relies on an internet connection to provide the system monitoring. Broadband is necessary for software upgrades and to remotely identify and fix system faults online, as well as provide regular, free software updates to ensure that the functionality of the system is up to date. Internet connection is part of the warranty conditions.

6. Will I still have power in the event of a power cut?

Due to grid safety requirements the battery will not operate in the event of a power cut. However, a small back up reserve unit is available as an optional extra.

Key Performance Indicators