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Time-of-Use Tariffs for Residential Customers

What is a Time-of-Use tariff?

A way to save money on your energy bill and contribute to cleaner energy production in Ireland. Time-of-Use (ToU) tariffs are a new way for homes with Smart Meters to pay for electricity.

You pay different rates at different times of day. This differs from a traditional ‘flat’ tariff, which charges the same rate at all times of day. ToU tariffs reflect the amount of electricity used at different times.

Usage is low at night and highest in the late afternoon, when people return from work and many businesses are still open. It costs more to provide electricity during these peak hours.

Time-of-Use Rates

Unit rates may differ for each time band.

A day may be split into 3 time-bands

  • Peak: 5pm - 7pm (the most expensive time)
  • Day: 8am - 5pm and 7pm - 11pm (with prices similar to the flat tariff)
  • Night: 11pm - 8am (the cheapest time)

Time-band name Time of day
Night Midnight-8am
Day 8am-5pm
Peak 5pm-7pm
Day 7pm-11pm
Night 11pm-Midnight
Time-band name Time of day
Flat Midnight-Midnight

Key Facts about ToU tariffs

  • You can take advantage of cheaper hours

    By shifting when you use electricity from more expensive to cheaper times, you can lower your bill.

  • You have more control over your bill

    How much you save will depend on whether you change your habits and use appliances that need a lot of energy at night instead of at peak times.

  • You contribute to cleaner energy production
    Using your electricity at night means that a larger share can be produced by renewable sources.

Choose the right smart meter plan for you

Our innovative Home Electric+ plans offer:
  • Home Electric+ is a 24-hour price plan that helps you to better understand your energy usage, use less electricity and save money

  • Home Electric+ Night Boost is a ToU plan that offers a cheaper electricity rate at night when you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) (11p.m.-8a.m.) and a super cheap “boost” period from 2-4 a.m

  • Home Electric+ Weekender is a ToU plan that offers free electricity on Saturday or Sunday between 8am to 11pm

  • Home Electric+ Standard Smart Tariff (SST) is a ToU plan that offers day/night/peak rates, flexibility to suit your schedule

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