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Key Performance Indicators

Why does electricity cost what it does

We have created this handy guide to give you a clear picture of all the factors that go into calculating our customers' energy prices every day

1 Generation and Raw Fuels

The first factor is based on the fuel needed to generate electricity. The cost of the fuel (including processing and transport costs) and how it is used to generate electricity makes up about 50% of your bill. Here’s a breakdown of the raw materials used to generate electricity in Ireland*.

* As per the 2021 Fuel Mix Disclosure and Emissions report.

Graph showing Breakdown of raw fuels used to generate electricity

Classic incandescent light bulb glowing brightly.

2 Transmission

Charges that electricity customers pay EirGrid to provide the networks that transports electricity across the country make up about 5% of your electricity bill.

3 Distribution

ESB Networks operates and maintains the 165,000 km of overhead lines and underground cables that make up the Irish electricity distribution network. The amount that you pay ESB Networks in your bill to distribute electricity to homes and businesses makes up approximately 15%.

Electricity distribution tower for transmission of electrical energy across the grid

A wind turbine capturing sustainable wind energy

4 PSO Levy & VAT

The Commission for Energy Regulation applies a Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy to all electricity customers to support the generation of electricity from sustainable and renewable sources. This, plus the 9% VAT rate cost makes up about 15% of your bill.

5 Supply

The suppliers’ cost accounts for the rest of your bill and can vary each year. At Electric Ireland, we believe that what we do should always be of value to you.

A modern house with large windows and a contemporary aesthetics>

Best Value to our customers by giving them one of the lowest unit rates and standing charges for both electricity and gas.

Enduring Discount mean savings of up to 8.5% off unit rate on every bill.

Community Support is something we’re proud to be part of. We work with SVP and MABS in assisting customers in financial difficulty, while in May we helped Pieta House raise vital funds, through our support for Darkness Into Light.

Interactive Home – Online Tool with helpful hints and tips to help customers save energy.

Smart Meter Insights Tool – Smart meter customers get access to personalised energy usage charts, appliance itemisation, personalised energy tips, projected energy use.

Flexible Payment Options – including Equaliser, which allows customers to spread their energy costs across the year or take a payment holiday.

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Ensuring your bill is up to date

Learn when and how to submit a meter reading.

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Learn more why your bill may be higher or lower than normal

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Electric Ireland’s Special or Priority Services for customers with special requirements

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