Launching with Colonel Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield astronautThe first person to ever Tweet in Irish from space wasn’t from Ireland. They were Canadian. Colonel Chris Hadfield, former CSA Astronaut, was orbiting 200 miles above us when he Tweeted images of Dublin and Ireland lit up at night time, the energy of millions of Irish homes and businesses seen together as one.

Sharing this all-encompassing view of Ireland from his totally unique perspective sparked a moment of national pride and an instant connection between Colonel Hadfield and people on the ground, one that endures to this day.

When I was in orbit on my last space flight I Tweeted a picture. This sparked an instant and strong connection between me and the people of Ireland, divided as we were by over 200 miles. I found this amazing, like meeting a friend for the first time. It was a friendship that flourished and developed - a connection from space that just grew and grew..*

Beyond this strong bond with Ireland, as someone whose career has embodied technology and innovation at its most inspiring and who has consistently used his platform to advocate for sustainability as a responsibility we all share, Colonel Hadfield’s perspective and universally respected voice were the perfect fit to help us launch ‘We’re Brighter Together’.

“I’ve flown 3 space missions, commanded the International Space Station, done 2 spacewalks, and served as a fighter/engineering test pilot.  Throughout my career, there has been one constant – collaboration leads to better things. Electric Ireland’s Energy Awareness Programme collaborates by putting power and knowledge directly into people's hands, so that together as family, friends, colleagues and communities, we can make a positive impact. Truly, we are brighter together.” 

See Brighter Together page to learn more about Electric Ireland’s journey to sustainable future and to see how you can be part of the change.

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