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Government Credit Support

When will I receive the government electricity credit?

A €600 credit will be applied to electricity bills in three instalments.

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When will I receive my PSO credit

Billing Update

A small number have been affected by a billing issue.

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Business Customer? Visit our Business Support Hub to find useful resources and for your business to help you understand your bill, energy usage and energy costs.

Useful energy saving tips

Find out how to be energy-efficient in small and big ways by being informed about your energy consumption.

The Interactive Home is designed to inform you which appliances are using the most electricity and showcase new smart technologies so that you can make small changes in your home that can help you save on your energy bill.

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Understanding my bills

Smart Meter Rollout

Understanding my electricity bill

A quick guide to help you understand the cost and detail in your electricity bill.

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Smart Meter Rollout

Understanding my gas bill

A quick guide to help you understand the cost and detail in your gas bill.

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Smart Meter Rollout

Ensure my bill is up to date

Learn what you can do to keep your bill up-to-date by submitting meter readings.

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Lowest Unit Rate in Ireland

Lowest unit rate

Electric Ireland’s standard unit rate is the lowest for electricity (bill pay) when compared to the other energy suppliers.

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Flexible payment options


Electric Ireland customers can spread their annual bill payments equally over 12 months using Equaliser.

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Smarter Pay As You Go (SPAYG) payment plan

Say goodbye to bills and instead pay as you go when you’re an Electric Ireland customer.

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Getting the most out of your smart meter

Save with Smart Meters

Take more control over your energy usage with a Home Electric + smart meter plan.

Available supports


Customer Hardship Fund

Electric Ireland’s €5M Hardship fund is available to customers having difficulty in paying bills during these difficult times.

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Smart Meter Rollout

Vulnerable Customers

Electric Ireland is committed to providing support to our vulnerable customers who have special requirements where continuity of energy supply is critically important.

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Fuel Allowance

Are you eligible for Fuel Allowance?

As you may know, the government has introduced fuel allowances for those on long-term social welfare payments. Check the link below for more information on the different types of allowances available and whether you are eligible for fuel allowances. Please note that allowances are based on means testing.

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Set up a Payment Plan if you are struggling to pay your bill

You can set up a Payment Installment Plan Online if you’re having difficulty paying your bill. We can set up a payment plan for you where your existing account balance can be cleared with weekly payments over your chosen period from 4 to 12 weeks.

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Sign Up to 'Is This a Good Time? pilot

By signing up to join ESB Networks pilot you will receive customised hints and tips by email and SMS to help you to take control of how you use your electricity at home.

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