5 ways to manage your electricity with a smart meter

Electric Ireland Smart Meters Home Electric Plus Price Plans

Since the launch of our Home Electric+ smart meter price plans, we've helped thousands of customers see their electricity in a whole new light. Our Home Electric+ price plans will help you get the most out of everything your smart meter has to offer. Packed with new features designed to help customers manage their energy and save on bills like never before. 

Using real-time monitors for energy use and wireless communication with Electric Ireland puts a vast array of insights into how you use your electricity at your fingertips. Making it easier for you to take small steps to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint.

1. Personalised Electricity Usage Charts

Our smart meter Home Electric+ price plans give you access to your own Electricity Usage Charts, telling you what time of day and day of the week you are using electricity, so you can use less and save more.

2.  Appliance Itemisation

Our Appliance Itemisation feature means you’ll know exactly which appliances are costing you the most. There’s no arguing with the data. With Home Electric+ you can track energy usage and costs of individual appliances all around the house. How does it work? Each appliance uses electricity in a unique manner, think of it like an appliance fingerprint. Using our algorithms we detect and extract these fingerprints from your electricity usage data and convert this into useful insights and recommendations for you.

3. Similar Homes Comparison

This feature enables you to track your usage in comparison to other energy-efficient homes. You can compare usage across categories such as lighting, water heating and refrigeration.

What’s an energy-efficient home?

Energy-efficient homes are classified as the top 30% in your geographical group (eircode) that use their electricity the most efficiently.

4. Energy tips tailored to your usage

Based on your ongoing usage, you will receive personalised energy tips that will highlight where you could save more based on what you are doing. These tips will be tailored to your usage patterns, for example, upgrade to LED Christmas lights for up to 75% energy savings

5. Projected energy usage

Avoid bill shock with our projected energy usage tools. You will be able to see what your projected bill will be based on your current usage. With Home Electric+, the consumption and spending information is updated regularly.

Equipped with all these charts you’ll be able to view your electricity usage more clearly, use less, save more and make better choices for you, your home, or business, and for Ireland’s energy future. And the more homes and businesses that are able to do that, the better it’ll be for everyone.

Electric Ireland’s Home Electric+ price plans are available to Electric Ireland customers that have had a smart meter installed in their home.

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