5 things you need to know about smart meters

Smart meters are currently being rolled out across the country as part of a national upgrade. As the rollout continues, soon every home and business will have a new smart meter. And when your smart meter arrives, Electric Ireland is ready to help you make the most of it.  

To get you started now, here are five things to know about smart meters.  

But first, what are smart meters

Smart meters are the next generation of digital electricity meters that will bring benefits to you, the environment, and the economy. They use 2G technology (like mobile phone technology) to send a text message to your online dashboard every 30 minutes so that you and us know exactly how much and when you use your electricity. That way you can control your electricity usage better, and find ways to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint. 

Here are 5 things to know about smart meters:

1. You’ll be able to use less, save more, and make better choices  

By being able to view your electricity usage more clearly, you’ll be able to use less, save more and make better choices for you, your home, or business, and for Ireland’s energy future. Smart meters enable you to see which appliances use the most energy, and this allows us to help you choose the best rate – and to find ways you can reduce your energy consumption overall. And the more homes and businesses that are able to do that, the better it’ll be for everyone.  

2. You no longer have to submit meter readings, or get estimated bills 

Another benefit of smart meters is that you’ll no longer have to manually submit meter readings, your smart reader will do that automatically for you. What’s more, this will give you a more accurate bill and significantly reduce the need for estimated bills or manual meter readings. Saving you time, as well as money. Also, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re only paying for exactly what you use, and that your meter actually reflects the electricity you use. And, all going well, this will help to prevent bill shock too.  

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3. You don’t have to pay anything extra, it’s all included 

The cost of installation has already been included as part of electricity bills nationwide, and when your new smart meter arrives it will actually be able to help you save money, and find ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  

For example, it may show you that you should switch to one of our time-of-use price plans so that you can get cheaper, greener electricity at our night time rate, typically from 11pm to 8am. Or, it may suggest a better plan for you if you have an EV (electric vehicle).  

Plus, all the normal rates, discounts, and bonuses continue to apply – and won’t disappear after one year. So you won’t be missing out anything. Quite the opposite.  

4. You’ll see your electricity usage in a whole new light 

A smart meter not only opens ways for you to save more money, it’ll also help you to understand what’s driving your consumption – to give you more control over your usage. And it’ll change everything about the way homes and businesses view and use their electricity.  

For instance, with our new Home Electric+ plans, you’ll now be able to enjoy added benefits to your electricity such as: 

  • Monthly billing on a date of your choice
  • Monthly email with bill prediction alerts
  • Biannual review to make sure you are on the best plan for you
  • Monitor your usage daily, weekly, or monthly with advanced energy insights
  • Peer to peer comparison and tips on where to save
  • Hints and tips on where you can use less electricity
  • Itemisation graphs to see which appliances uses the most electricity
  • Normal bonus and discounts apply.  

When your new smart meter arrives, simply go to your online Electric Ireland account and follow the simple steps there. You’ll remain on the same rate as your current plan, and continue to enjoy a discount that doesn’t disappear after one year. It’s your electricity as you know it, only better. Much better.    

Find the right plan for you:  

  • Home Electric+ helps you to better understand your energy usage, use less electricity and save money 

  • Home Electric+ Night Boost offers a cheaper electricity rate at night when you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) (11pm-8am) and a super cheap “boost” period from 2-4 am.

  • Home Electric+ Weekender offers free electricity on Saturday or Sunday 

  • Home Electric+ Standard Smart Tariff (SST) offers day/night/peak rates, flexibility to suit your schedule 

Find out more about Home Electric+ here.

5. You’ll also be helping to create a more sustainable, and greener future 

As part of the national Climate Action Plan, ESB Networks is upgrading every electricity meter between now and 2024. From homes to farms and businesses, everyone will receive a new smart meter that will benefit you, the environment, and the economy. Every smart meter will help us all become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They can help to show us ways to reduce our carbon footprint. And they’ll help facilitate Ireland’s growing renewable energy network, smart grids, and the electrification of transport and heat.  

And the more of us that switch to making better choices with smart meters, the better it’ll be for you, and for Ireland – because we’re brighter together. 

To learn more about smart meters, and Electric Ireland’s new plan for smart meters, Home Electric+, visit here.

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