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Soon every home across Ireland will have a new smart meter. As a result, not only will we be able to help you use your smart meter to use less, save more, and make better choices – we’ll also be able to help you even further through our new range of unique and innovative smart meter plans.  


We’ve launched new plan options for our current customers, and new customers, who have a smart meter installed. By availing of these plans, or moving to one for free, you can better understand your electricity usage, reduce your overall consumption (especially at peak times) and in turn reduce your electricity bills – and your carbon footprint.  



The key benefits shared across all our Home Electric+ plans 

We call these plans our Home Electric+ plans. And each of our plan options is free to move to if you’re a current or new customer, and each one comes with the normal discounts, and bonuses – but with new added shared benefits; and three options to further suit your lifestyle, or savings goals. Be they financial and or environmental. 


Home Electric+ (our hero product) is the same 24-hour price plan that you have now, with your existing discounts plus all these added extras at no extra cost: 


• No more estimated bills or bill surprises 

• Monthly billing on the date of your choice 

• Monthly email reports to break your usage 

down into more detail (available from May 2021) 

• Personalised usage graphs (available through 

your online account from August 2021) 

• Bill prediction alerts halfway through your bill cycle 

(available after your Home Electric+ plan has been 

active for six weeks) 

• See which appliances are using the most (available 

after your Home Electric+ plan has been active for 

four months) 

• Regular reviews to let you know whether you are still on the best plan for your usage, or whether a different plan would suit you better 


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All of our other Home Electric+ price plans offer all the same benefits as above, and are also time-of-use plans, which means that they charge different prices for electricity usage depending on the time of day. 


Time-of-use rates are typically cheaper when electricity demand is at its lowest (e.g. night-time 11p.m. – 8a.m.) and higher at peak times (e.g. weekdays 5-7pm) when demand is at its highest. 



How to choose the right Home Electric+ plan for you  

Each of our Home Electric+ plans can further enable you to save money, or reduce your carbon footprint, by also helping you to avail of cheaper electricity at different times of the day. By choosing a plan that works best around you, your home electricity usage, and your lifestyle, you’ll be able to use less, and save more – and make better choices for Ireland’s energy future. And the more homes that do that, the better it’ll be for everyone.  


Here’s each of our new Home Electric+ plans and their individual benefits. Our three new Home Electric+ plan options are:  



1. Home Electric+ Night Boost plan 



This plan offers you a cheaper electricity rate at night, typically from 11pm to 8am, and a super cheap “boost” period from 2am to 4am when customers can, for example, charge their electric vehicles (EVs) for just over 5 cent per kWh. 



2. Home Electric+ Weekender plan  



This plan offers you free electricity on Saturday or Sunday between 8am to 11pm.  



3. Home Electric+ SST (Standard Smart Tariff) 



This option offers you day, or night, or peak rates where you are charged different rates at different times of day. 

- Day: from 8am to 11pm 

- Night: from 11pm to 8am  

- Peak: or from 5pm to 7pm.  


This option gives you increased flexibility over your home electricity usage. It gives you the choice to pick the tariff to suit your schedule. It may be the best plan for you if, for example, you’re a shift worker, or if you can avoid using electricity between 5-7pm. 


Whichever plan you choose, you’ll get all the shared benefits of Home Electric+ 

Whichever of the three time of use plan options you choose, you’ll also get the shared benefits across all the plans, as listed at the start, which include:  


- No more estimated bills. 

- Monthly billing on the date of your choice. 

- Monthly email with bill prediction alerts (midway through your bills), and a breakdown of electricity usage by appliance. 

- A six monthly review by email to check you’re on the best tariff for you (available after 12 months). 

- Personalised insights on the portal, such as graphs to compare your weekly, monthly, and yearly consumption. These new insights will help you discover what’s driving your consumption and when. 

- Peer to peer comparisons to help you save more.  

- Hints and tips to help you reduce your consumption, and or save money. 


You’ll also be able to keep your standard discounts such as 5% for Direct Debit payments, and 0.5% for choosing online billing. And, of course, new customers will also be able to get whatever signup bonus is available at the time.  


By helping each other to embrace smart meters, and move to Home Electric+ plans, we look forward to helping you and others to see your electricity usage in a whole new light. We’re ready to see the bright side, are you? We hope so, because after all – We’re Brighter Together.  



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