What is Electric Ireland's Home Electric+?


As you may know, smart meters are continuing to arrive across the country as part of the national rollout plan. Now that they’re live, they’re going to change everything about how we use our electricity, and Electric Ireland’s ready to help you enjoy all the benefits that your smart meter can offer.  

You're in control with Home Electric+

With our new plan for smart meters, Home Electric+, we can help you make the most of your smart meter with personalised usage charts that show you exactly when and how your home uses its electricity.  

By using your smart meter, it enables you to see your electricity usage in a whole new light, and helps you to use less, save more, and make better choices. It also means you only ever pay for what you actually use, and no longer need estimated bills or manual meter readings. So, it will not only save you time, but also help to prevent bill shock.  

How you can save money with Home Electric+

By showing you exactly when and how your home uses its electricity, we can help you understand what’s driving your consumption. Whether that’s your tumble dryer or your electric vehicle. And you’ll have more control to use less and save more.  


For example, by using a smart meter with Home Electric+ you might learn that you could save on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to a time-of-use price plan. This type of plan will enable you to avail of cheaper, greener electricity at low-demand or ‘off peak’ times, typically from 11pm to 8am.  

And, as we move forward, smart meters and Home Electric+ will be able to help you tailor your electricity plans to the ways you consume your electricity. For instance, if you use an EV (electric vehicle) a smart meter will help us determine what the best plan is for you, or give you advice or tips on how to charge it more efficiently. Similarly, as more devices become ‘smart’, we’ll be able to help you set your devices – such as fridge freezers or clothes washers – to use their electricity at the most energy and cost-efficient times for you and your lifestyle. 


The added benefits of Home Electric+  


For existing and new customers, we offer to put you in control of your electricity through Home Electric+ so that you can change how much you use and save more.  

Plus, you get to enjoy added benefits for free such as:  

- Monthly billing on a date of your choice 

- Monthly email with bill prediction alerts 

- Biannual review to make sure you are on the best plan for you  

- Monitor your usage daily, weekly or monthly with advanced energy insights  

- Peer to peer comparison and tips on where to save  

- Hints and tips on where you can use less electricity  

- Itemisation graphs to see which appliances uses the most electricity (from August 21) 

- Normal bonus and discounts apply. 

Electric Ireland has 4 plans to choose from:  

    • Home Electric+ helps you to better understand your energy usage, use less electricity and save money 

    • Home Electric+ Night Boost offers a cheaper electricity rate at night when you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) (11p.m.-8a.m.) and a super cheap “boost” period from 2-4 am

    • Home Electric+ Weekender offers free electricity on Saturday or Sunday 

    • Home Electric+ Standard Smart Tariff (SST) offers day/night/peak rates, flexibility to suit your schedule 


    Find the right Home Electric+ plan for you


    Use less, save more and make better choices

    At Electric Ireland we want to empower our customers to have more control over their energy. You’ll be able to see your home’s electricity usage in a whole new light, enabling you to use less, save more, and make better choices.  

    And, if all of our 1.1 million customers can start doing that, the better it’ll be for everyone – because we’re brighter together.  

    How do you move to Home Electric+?

    Existing Electric Ireland customers can move to Home Electric+ for free by going to your online account and following the simple steps you’ll see there. You’ll remain on the same rate as your current plan, and continue to enjoy a discount that doesn’t disappear after one year.  

    Don’t have an online account yet? Click here to create one today.  

    Or if you want to learn more about Electric Ireland’s new plan for smart meters, Home Electric+, visit here

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