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I'm struggling to pay my electricity or gas bill, what can I do?

If you’re having difficulty paying your bill, we can help, the first step is to let us know.

At Electric Ireland we are aware that many of our customers may experience financial difficulties and uncertainty in the coming weeks. We would like to assure you that, as always, we will engage with you to reach workable solutions and would ask that if you have any concerns about your ability to pay to engage with us at an early stage - please call us at 1800 50 40 21. We can set up a Payment Plan which will allow you spread your balance over a period of time or alternatively we can also offer a PAYG Meter to assist you clear any arrears over an extended period of time.

Setting up a Payment Installment Plan Online

If you’re having difficulty paying your bill, we can set up a payment plan for you where your existing account balance can be cleared with weekly payments over your chosen period from 4 to 12 weeks. Please complete our online form to request a payment installment plan setup for your existing balance.

Alternative Payment Options

We may be able to arrange a Pay As You Go meter for you to:
  • help you pay back any arrears on your account and
  • to help you manage your electricity payments every week

Please contact us at 1800 50 40 21 so we can find out if this is an option for you. If a Pay As You Go meter isn't suitable, we can discuss other payment options with you.

Household Budget Plan

If you are our electricity customer, receive a social welfare payment and are availing of the Household Budget scheme with An Post, you may be eligible for our Household Budget Price Plan. Please call us on 1800 50 40 21 to find out more.

Electric Ireland's new mobile app

Our new mobile app offers a seamless mobile experience and is easy to use and customer friendly. You can view your bills, account details, make payments, submit a meter reading and much more. Available on Android and iOS:

android-download ios-download

Open your mobile app on the home screen and using the quick access menu at the bottom of your screen select Payments, the icon is a € symbol.
Here you can set up a monthly direct debit to save your worrying about making individual payments again. Select "Direct Debit set up" and once you are on that screen, enter your details and press submit.
To make a once off payment, enter the amount you want to pay and press the "Pay" button. This will bring you to a secure payment window where you can make a payment directly to your account.
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