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Using a Pay As You Go Electricity meter

If you are trying to top up your Pay As You Go Electricity Meter you can do so online, or view other ways to top up your meter.

How to use your PAYG electricity meter

  • Press * before entering Top Up codes
  • Press # after entering Top Up codes
  • Press # to go back to the previous display screen
  • After 20 seconds, if no button has been pressed, the meter will default back to the main display screen

Button 1 - how much credit remains, calculated in days
Button 2 - Cost of recent consumption
Button 3 - Current meter date and time, unit rates and number of units used
Button 4 - Details of previous Top Up codes
Button 5 - Total value of Top-Ups paid into the meter
Button 6 - Total electricity currently being used in the property (KWH)
Button 7 - Standing charges and unit rates
Button 8 - Details of the highest usage over the past 24 hours
Button 9 - Details of the total units used
Button 0 - Meter time & Date

Messages on your meter:

“Error” - Top up code has the wrong number of digits
“Accepted” - Top Up code has been accepted by your meter
“Rejected” - Top Up code has been rejected by your meter
“Wrong Tar” - The Price Plan has been updated and the meter is waiting for the 40 or 60 digit code to be entered in order to update its records
“Duplicate” - The Top Up code has been entered previously
“Credit Hi” - The meter has received the maximum amount of credit and cannot accept another Top Up code.
“Incorrect” - The Top Up code has been entered incorrectly, or does not relate to that specific meter

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