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Billing Update

Electric Ireland is aware of a billing issue which has affected a small proportion of our electricity and gas customers. This issue occurred when a customer’s unit rate discount changed. This has resulted in some customers being charged their previous unit rate for longer than expected. Some customers will have paid more for their energy than they should, while some customers paid less than they should have. We have resolved this issue, ensuring it will not occur again.

We will be communicating with all customers who paid more for their energy than they should have, by email or letter. We will refund any customers who were charged more for their energy than they should have been. For customers who paid less for their energy than they should have, we are not looking to recoup this cost.

We wish to apologise to any customers affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have received an email or a letter saying I have been over-charged, what do I need to do?

No action is required. You will receive a refund equal to any over charge amount. This will appear on Page Two of your next Bill as Bill Correction CR.

2. Is VAT included in my refund/goodwill gesture?

VAT is included in your refund but will be listed separately on your Bill.

3. I think I have been under-charged. What do I do?

Some customers have been under-charged. No action is required, and Electric Ireland will not look to recoup these costs.

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