Smarter Living - Simple Ideas that make life better

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Simple Ideas that make life better

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These days we all lead busy lives and we value the time we have to share with the people that matter to us most. 
At Electric Ireland, we understand this and so we challenge ourselves to offer you, our customers, simple ideas that make your life better at home, in your business and within your community.
‘Smarter Living’ is about putting your needs first. It’s our way of making sure that whatever product, service or idea we share is always of benefit to you.



Listening to our customers is a big part of who we are. Through our Smarter Living Panel, customers all over Ireland are helping us to shape the future. Right now, there are 600 customers trialling our latest smart home technology, including smart heating controls like Nest and Climote. Over the next year, these customers will trial even more smart home technology. And, they’re sharing their feedback with us – so we’re constantly listening, learning and improving what we do so that we’re always relevant to the way you live your life.  

These are just the first of many Smarter Living solutions we’re proud to offer you. Our ambition is to learn more, and listen more, so that we can always be relied upon to bring you the very best energy solutions that improve your life.

These products are not on sale right now.