Launching Electric Irelands’ new advertising campaign Your world, brighter


24th August 2023 Electric Ireland has today launched Your world, brighter, a new advertising campaign to lead customers towards a cleaner, greener and smarter net zero future. Although most customers understand the importance of net zero, getting there involves new ideas, new products, new services and new thinking. 

Your world, brighter means everything Electric Ireland does, has the ambition to make Electric Ireland customer’s world that little bit better and brighter. This comes to life across the product range and services Electric Ireland offer like smart meter plans, which makes Your usage, clearer, home charging for electric vehicles making Your trips, greener and solar panels installation which make Your power, cleaner.

The magic of electricity is at the heart of the advertising campaign telling the charming story of two neighbours an older woman, Maire and little boy, Charlie. By being smarter, cleaner, and greener - and a small bit mischievous - with her electricity, Maire makes Charlie’s world lighter and brighter.

Customers seeking information on product and services to help start their journey to net zero can visit the new Electric Ireland Net Zero Hub at providing all you need to know on smart meter plans, home ev charging, solar panels and more. 

The new ad can be seen here.

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