How to get money back on energy efficiency improvements to your home

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This Incentive Scheme is not available right now. 

Making small changes to your energy habits can have a big effect on your energy consumption, and if millions of us make those changes together we can reduce our impact on the environment. But the best way to making lasting changes to your energy consumption is to improve your home’s Building Energy Rating (BER) to make it more energy efficient.

With Electric Ireland’s Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme, you can earn credit on your bill when you carry out energy efficiency work, like upgrading your windows, attic insulation or heating controls. That credit is in addition to grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to offset the installation cost of certain energy efficiency-related projects.

And, since your home will be more energy efficient, you will naturally save more money on your energy bills with each improvement to your home's BER.

Raising Your BER

A Building Energy Rating  is an independent assessment of the energy efficiency of a given building. The BER system runs from A to G with ‘A’ representing the most energy efficient building and G, the least.

To put the ratings in context, a home with a ‘G’ rating’s energy spend may be ten times greater over a given year than a home rated ‘A2’. You can consult SEAI’s BER calculator to see the difference that raising your home’s BER could make.

Your home may have a BER already, if so you can begin to plan any necessary improvements based on that rating.If you don’t know your home’s BER, you can book a visit from a BER Assessor who will give you insight into the process of improving your building’s rating as well as providing a formal BER. You can use this comprehensive search tool to find your nearest BER Assessor.

Credit for Electric Ireland Customers

If you’re an Electric Ireland customer, making those BER-improvements will make you eligible for credit on your bill. The actual credit amount will depend on the work you do.

The scheme covers a wide range of jobs – from conventional improvements like upgrades to attic, floor and wall insulation to the higher-tech solar panels and heat pumps.

To get started, you just have to contact an Electric Ireland Energy Credit  Partner and discuss energy saving measures. Once they have assessed the job, your chosen partner can give you the exact Electric Ireland credit amount to which you will be entitled *.

*A list of current Electric Ireland Energy Credit Partners

How Much Electric Ireland Credit Can I Earn?

Here’s a small selection of the works that are covered with the Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme. There are dozens more projects to help you save on your bill on our comprehensive list of ALL possible credits.


Job Completed

Electric Ireland Credit (Max**.)

External Wall Insulation


Attic Insulation


Internal Dry Lining Insulation


Boiler Upgrade


Heating Controls Upgrade


Fully Integrated Heating Controls Upgrade with Remote Access


Full Window Replacement


Solar Water Heating Installation


Biomass Boiler with Thermal Store and Fully Integrated Heating Controls Upgrade with Remote Access



** A reduced credit is provided for apartments, for more details please check our complete list.

How Are My Credits Applied?

After an Energy Credit Partner has completed their job and has been paid in full, we can confirm the credit via email and apply the credit to your Electric Ireland account within 10 days. And then you should see the full amount credited to you on your next bill.

So far, Electric Ireland has given around 9,000 customers a total of over €3.9M in credit. That’s an average of over €400 in credit each.

 This Incentive Scheme is not available right now.