Home Truths revealed: Electric Ireland customers learn how to take control of their energy usage

Electric Ireland Home Truths

Electric Ireland customers are taking control of their energy usage after taking part in our Home Truths series.

We set up hidden cameras in some of our customers' homes to monitor how they use energy in their everyday lives - from using laptops while they work from home, to boiling the kettle, to opening and closing their windows.

Electric Ireland set up cameras in the key areas of the home where energy is typically used most: the living room, the kitchen, a working from home area and the hall and landing where there is usually a window and a door.

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Electric Ireland programme manager Susan Whyte also inspected our customers' homes and, together with the footage captured on our hidden cameras, produced an energy report for each of the households featured in Home Truths.

Meet the Home Truths households

Electric Ireland is here to empower customers to take control of their energy usage so they can reduce their energy consumption, which helps the environment. And reducing energy consumption also saves our customers money.

Understanding where the most energy is used, so you can make informed decisions, is key to making small changes that have a big impact.

Watch how Electric Ireland customers fared when it came to energy consumption below.

Jess Family

House share

McCoy Family

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