Gloria’s Guide to Staying Happy

Gloria Hunniford's Guide to Staying Happy  

Electric Ireland has teamed up with TV star and long term customer Gloria Hunniford to share her top tips on bills, budgets and savings this year. Famous for her straight talking, no frills attitude, the Loose Women panelist reveals ‘Gloria’s Guide to Staying Happy with Electric Ireland’, and savvy savings for 2017. 

Gloria Hunniford's Guide to Staying Happy

Gloria’s Guide To Staying Happy


  1. Make Every Penny Count: Make sure to keep a household budget and keep on top of it weekly to get a grasp of what you’re spending and where you could be saving. If it isn’t necessary, cut it! You could buy one less coffee from your local coffee shop or maybe there’s a subscription you didn’t realise you had? Household budgeting is key to keeping your finances in check and ensuring you have enough left for the things that really matter.


  2. Savvy Savings: Keep an eye on money saver blogs and websites that offer discount codes and insights into where to get the best value. There’s lots of deals to be had, so make sure to avail of these before purchasing! Also make sure to sign up to loyalty schemes as many brands like Electric Ireland offer great rewards and savings for customers.


  3. Understand T&Cs: It’s very competitive out there, and it’s easy to be enticed by short-term low rates or money-off incentives. These deals often come with a catch after a period of time when the initial offer runs out and you’re left paying a bill that’s well above market price. Sometimes the best deal is right under your nose! With Electric Ireland, you can save this year, next year and every year.