Electric Ireland Microgeneration Support Scheme update

Micro-generation Scheme Support announced by Government 2021

Electric Ireland will support customers on their low carbon journey with the Microgeneration Support Scheme as announced by the Irish Government on December 21, 2021.  

Microgeneration, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, enables customers to generate their own renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint as well as reduce electricity bills. Electric Ireland will be inviting customers to sign up to the Electric Ireland Micro-Generation Support Scheme in 2022, with more details being announced on this in the new year in line with government updates.

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Microgeneration FAQs

Q. What is Microgeneration?  

A. Microgeneration, or microgen, is the generation of green electricity from renewable technologies, such as solar panels, micro-wind, micro-hydro and micro-renewable combined heat and power (CHP).  

Microgenerators generate clean renewable energy to meet some or all of the electricity demands of a household or business, and when coupled with a diverter, can heat a water tank.  

The Microgeneration Support Scheme incentivises customers to reduce their carbon footprint by allowing those with registered micro-generation devices to sell this excess electricity back to Ireland’s electricity grid.   

Q. Who is eligible for the Microgeneration Support Scheme?  

A. Electric Ireland customers who own a micro-generator such as solar PV, micro-wind, micro-hydro, or renewable micro-CHP are eligible for this scheme. You must have an export grid connection, which is typically organised by the installer on installation or can be organised through ESB Networks.   

Q. Do I need a smart meter to avail of the Microgeneration Support Scheme? 

A. You will need to have a smart meter where available. If you are eligible for a smart meter you will need to get one installed by ESB Networks in order to get paid for precisely what you export. Otherwise, you will get paid based on a deemed volume assumption determined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). 

Q. I am not an Electric Ireland customer, can I still avail of the Microgeneration Scheme?  

A. Only Electric Ireland customers who meet the criteria above are eligible for the Microgeneration Scheme through Electric Ireland. Sign up to Electric Ireland.

Q. When will I be paid for my excess energy? 

A. We will soon be in touch with microgeneration customers to let them know they are eligible and to tell them when to expect their first payment.

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