Electric Ireland confirms no change to prices for 1.1m residential customers this Spring

Electric Ireland Price

At Electric Ireland, we always give that extra reassurance during uncertain times, such as how residential gas and electricity prices will be staying exactly as they are, even while other energy providers increase theirs.

This Spring, Electric Ireland is also the only Irish supplier to offer an enduring discount rate of up to 8.5% for gas and electricity residential customers, which is based off one of the lowest standard unit rates in the market. 

This is a unique customer offering compared to other suppliers who offer high upfront discounts that expire after 12 months, leaving customers with bill shock at the end of a contract period. Instead, Electric Ireland offer an enduring discount that doesn’t disappear after a year. 

Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director at Electric Ireland, said “Electric Ireland knows there has been considerable anxiety caused to households throughout the country because of the announcement of significant energy price rises by some other suppliers.

"Electric Ireland would like to reassure our 1.1 million residential customers that we do not have any plans to increase electricity or gas prices at this time. We are also maintaining our moratorium on residential disconnections, which we hope will give further peace of mind.” 

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