Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

poster to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide

With Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week happening later this week (September 22nd – 28th), we wanted to bring to your attention five Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips to help protect you and your family;
  1. Have fuel burning appliances serviced annually by a registered installer or certified technician for your fuel type
  2. Ensure chimneys and flues are clear of blockages
  3. Make sure room vents are unblocked and rooms have proper ventilation
  4. Install audible Carbon Monoxide alarms
  5. Only use appliances for their intended use – i.e. do not use ovens to heat rooms or bring BBQs indoors.

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A couple of facts on boiler servicing:

  1. Servicing your gas boiler annually could improve your overall heating efficiency by 10% - saving you up to €150 per year.
  2. The benefits of servicing your boiler include:
  • Saves you money – by reducing your heating costs
  • Reduces CO2 emissions – benefiting the environment
  • Gives you peace of mind – improving your boiler’s reliability and safety

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