Are You Festival Fit?

crowds at festival

No longer official energy partner to Electric Picnic

As official energy partner to Electric Picnic and having been there almost every year, we have put together this Festival Fit guide with everything you need to know to help you get the most out of the picnic.

1. Keep some warm pants in reserve

If you drive, leave a spare pair of jeans and socks in the car, so when you leave after four days of torrential downpour, you'll be warm and snug.

2. Head torches are great

Not because you can pretend you're Orbital in the dance tent, but because when you’re walking back to your tent from the toilets in the pitch black field, you won’t trip over the guy ropes and you’ll be able to find your tent with handy head torches.

3. Forget the fashion show

No matter how much you might want to, you cannot spend three or four days at a festival and pull off the Kate Moss look unless you are Kate Moss of course). Instead, stick with something warm/waterproof, boots/wellies, sunglasses and a hat. (and maybe don’t look in the mirror)

4. Invest in a power charger for your phone

Having a portable power charger for your mobile phone is a good investment. It will save you having to queue at the phone charging tent and you can charge it as often as you like (who knows, you may not lose your friends after all).

5. Don't put your phone in your shirt or back jeans pocket

Why? Because it'll fall down the toilet.

6. Essentials on the packing list

Anti-bacterial hand gel, a poncho (from the €2 store), packets of tissues (toilet paper can get wet), baby wipes (shower in a packet!), a head torch/torch, sun cream.

7. Be prepared

It might be hot and sunny or cold and wet (or as crowded house say- Four Seasons in One Day)- so prepare for both.

8. Leave it at home

Don't bring more than you need and never leave things you can't afford to lose in your tent.

9. Pitch perfect

Choose a spot as far away from the toilets as you can because it won't be long before they stink to high heaven

10. Don't panic!

You may lose your friends or lose your stuff – make peace with it and understand that it’s only a festival – it's meant to be fun and everything will be fine in the end.