5 quick wins to save €86

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There are some money saving tips that are a lot more hassle than they are worth, such as driving 2km to get 1c off your petrol or trawling the internet to get a 5c coupon off your butter. We’ve come up with 5 quick wins that only take a little effort to save a lot.

1. Use a colder wash on the washing machine

Most washing machines and detergents these days are designed to operate well at lower temperatures. You can save up to €10.86 per year by choosing a 40 degree wash versus a 60 degree wash.

2. Unplug your computer when not it’s not in use

The difference between a computer (17inch screen) being on standby and plugged out when not in use is €8.28 per year.

3. Plug out your printer too

If you plug out a typical laser print when it’s not in use instead of leaving it on standby, you could save up to €8.88 per year, depending on how old your computer is.

4. Turn your thermostat down by just one degree

This can save up to 3% on your heating bill and for an average household that’s a saving of €25.56 per year (source SEAI).

5. Spend less time in the shower

If a family of four spent 5 minutes less in the shower each day, they would save €32.70 per year.

Let us know your top tips..

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