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Interest free payment plan

Electric Ireland offer Ireland’s only interest-free Solar PV payment plan to our customers. Qualifying customers have the option of paying 20% deposit and the balance interest free over 36 months.

Electric Ireland customers will receive a 10% discount on all our farm rooftop solar and battery installations. This exclusive offer is for a limited time only.

Solar battery storage system storing solar energy for sustainable power usage.


Electric Ireland supply smart batteries made by Sonnen GmbH of Germany.

The Sonnen Battery is a fully integrated energy storage solution with smart energy management system supplied in one easy-to-install cabinet. By adding a battery to your solar PV installation most or all of your generated power will be consumed on site to ensure maximum savings. The Sonnen battery will also store power purchased at cheaper night rate prices for use in the morning.

I want to buy Solar PV for my farm

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1. Request a call back

To speak to a technician to learn more about our Solar PV & Battery products complete the form below.

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2. Technician will call you

The technician will call you to discuss your requirements, discuss grants, planning and design options the technician will also carry out a desktop survey of your farm roofs.

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3. Site Visit

The technician will visit your farm to carry out a detailed site survey and advise on the best design options to suit you. As every farm is different it is only after site survey that we can give you an exact quotation. If you decide to purchase an installation date will be agreed.

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4. Installation

Installation will normally take between 1 and 3 days on most farms. Once tested and commissioned a customer handover will take place.

Are you Interested?

Fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also call our Home Services Team now on 1800 372 333.

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What else do I need to know?

What is the cost of Electric Irelands farm rooftop solar?

Prices start at €9,800 ex vat however a site survey will be necessary to finalise an exact price. Electric Ireland customers will receive a 10% discount.

How much Solar PV can I install?

Electric Ireland will install between 6kwp and 50 kWp on farm shed roofs.

Do I need planning permission?

Currently planning permission is needed for arrays of over 50 sq. meter however the lifting of these restrictions is expected very soon.

Is there a grant for rooftop solar on farms?

Yes, there is a grant for solar PV installations up to 11kW on farms through TAMS.

What size systems do Electric Ireland provide?

The Solar PV roof-top installations are available for farms range between 6kWp up to 50kWp.

Is solar PV on a farm tax deductable?

Yes. We advise that you speak with your own tax advisor.

Can I sell my excess generated power back to the grid?

From July 2021 it will be possible to sell excess power back in to the grid. Details on this government scheme are not yet known.

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