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How can I register as having a special requirement?

Electric Ireland Special Services applies to customers who are:

  • Of advanced age, physical, intellectual or mental health difficulties.
  • Visually impaired and require Braille bills, large printed or talking bills.

Customers registered as Special Services will never be disconnected during the winter months.

How can I register as a Vulnerable Customer?

If you think you are a Priority Services customer or a Special Services customer you can register with us by a number of ways:

Option 1: Complete the Vulnerable Customers Online Registration Form.

Option 2: Call us on 1800 372 372 to request a registration form to be posted out to you.

Option 3: Download and fill out the Vulnerable Customers Paper Registration Form.

When completed, simply return this registration form to us at:
Register for Priority Support / Special Services
Electric Ireland (FDN5287)
P.O. Box 12523
Dublin 9

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