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Caring for our vulnerable customers

Electric Ireland is committed to providing support to our vulnerable customers who have special requirements where continuity of energy supply is critically important. If you or a member of your household is a vulnerable customer, it is important to let us know and register.

What is a Vulnerable Customer?

  • If you are critically dependent on electrically powered equipment. This includes
    (but is not limited to) life protecting devices, assistive technologies to support independent living and medical equipment, or
  • If you are particularly vulnerable to disconnection during winter months for reasons of advanced age or physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental health.

There are two categories of Vulnerable Customers.

Electric Ireland Priority Services Customers

Electric Ireland Priority Services are suitable for customers who are:

  • Dependent on medical equipment including but not limited to life-protecting devices such as ventilators and home dialysis machines.

We recognise that customers on Priority Services have special requirements for electricity continuity, therefore Electric Ireland will never request a disconnection unless requested by a customer to do so.

Electric Ireland Special Services Customers

Electric Ireland Special Services applies to customers who are:

  • Of advanced age, physical, intellectual or mental health difficulties.
  • Visually impaired and require Braille bills, large printed or talking bills.

Customers registered as Special Services will never be disconnected during the winter months.

How can I register as a Vulnerable Customer?

If you think you are a Priority Services customer or a Special Services customer you can register with us by filling out the Vulnerable Customers Online Registration Form.

Alternatively, you can register by downloading and filling out the Vulnerable Customers Paper Registration Form.

When you complete the paper form, simply return the registration form to us at:

Register for Priority Support / Special Services
Electric Ireland (FDN5287)
P.O. Box 12523
Dublin 9

To request a registration form be posted out to you, please call us on 1800 372 372

How can I add another person as a nominated representative on my account?

Did you know you can nominate a representative to manage your account? Where a customer has registered as a Vulnerable customer but would like to register a third-party representative to act on their behalf, Electric Ireland will facilitate this. You can register a nominated representative by downloading and filling out the Nominated Registration Form.

When completed, simply return this registration form to us at:

Electric Ireland
PO Box 841
South City Delivery Office

Here you can access our Code of Practice for Vulnerable Customers.

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