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Your In Home Monitor (IHM)

  • The In Home Monitor Unit communicates with the Electricity Meter to tell you exactly what’s going on. You can view your balance and days left
  • You can adjust different aspects of your In Home Monitor, i.e. backlight, sound, personal targets etc.
  • You can monitor and compare your usage and consumption. You can also view all of your account details - previous top-ups, outstanding debt, remaining credit and emergency credit
  • Electric Ireland can send messages to notify you of new offers
  • You can also view your tariffs, rates, time & date
  • The In Home Monitor can be plugged in within a 300m ratio of your Smarter Pay As You Go Meter or batteries can be installed for more mobility

ELECTRICITY: View your real-time electricity consumption (kW) and compare today’s with yesterday’s consumption (kWh).

MESSAGE: View the last 5 messages about events such as low credit, emergency credit or any upcoming tariff change. Critical messages that require your action are displayed directly on the In Home Monitor screen for your attention.

HISTORY: View your historical electricity consumption graphically against your daily threshold. See consumption in kWh, € or CO2 emissions by hour, day, week or month.

TARIFF: Review the rate at which you are being currently charged for your electricity consumption and top up your meter using a top up code. Check the last 5 top up transactions along with your current balance, or use the history option to see all your top ups to date.

ACCOUNT: Top up your meter by entering a Top Up Code or review any outstanding debt on your Smarter Pay As You Go account.

SETTINGS: Personalise your set-up by turning the alarm sounds on or off, turning the LEDs on or off, setting a daily threshold for electricity consumption or changing the level at which the low credit balance alert is triggered.

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