Payment options for Smarter PAYG

With the Smarter Pay As You Go (Smarter PAYG) meter there are several methods to top-up your meter. All the options are customer friendly and offer flexibility for topping up. See our options to Top Up below. Registering will give you more options and flexibility in payments.

1. Over the Counter (OTC)

Over the counter is topping up with your Smarter PAYG payments card. You can use your Smarter PAYG payment card at any Payzone or Paypoint outlet. The top-up will automatically go to your Smarter PAYG meter.

2. Text Top-up

Registered customers can also top-up by text using our short code 53314. Simply text EI top up (amount) to 53314. The top-up amount will then automatically appear on your Smarter PAYG meter.

3. Scheduled Top-up

Scheduled top-up is a feature for registered online customers. By using scheduled top-up you can plan your top-up for every week or every month. For example you can schedule a top-up of €50 to happen on the first Friday of every month.

4. Automatic

Registered customers also have the option of setting their Smarter PAYG meter to automatic top-up. You can set your meter to top-up by however much you decide when it hits the low balance threshold of €10. For example every time the meter hits €10 you will be automatically topped-up by €20. This prevents your meter balance running low, self disconnecting and removes the hassle of topping-up.

5. Online

There is more than one way to top-up online. As a registered customer you can regularly top-up with your stored details or if you would rather not register you can do a once off top-up as many times as you like.
For registering online all you need is your keypad number (KPN), bank card details, the location of the meter and your email address.

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