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Who can sign up for Equaliser?

Equaliser is available for our existing electricity or gas customers. You can sign up for Gas Equaliser or Electricity Equaliser online.

Equaliser is also available to new customers who bring their energy supply to us - have a look at our price plans. Simply choose Equaliser and your preferred payment date when switching to us for your Gas supply - and we'll set you up.

If you are switching your electricity supply to us online and wish to pay by Electricity Equaliser, we ask that you choose to pay by Direct Debit first.

Once you've received 3 bills from us, containing 3 actual electricity meter readings, (to help us calculate your monthly payment amount) you can sign up for Electricity Equaliser using our very short form. You won't need to enter your bank details again - we'll already have these set up for you.

You can read more about Electricity or Gas Equaliser here.

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