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Can I contact you to discuss an electricity or gas account which is in the name of my spouse, parent or someone else?

When you contact us, we must establish your relationship to the Account Holder before we can access the account. For data protection reasons we can only discuss account specific queries with the account holder (the person who’s name is on the bill) or their authorised representative. You may also request to add second name on the bill, this is very common where two people in the household are managing bills and may need to speak to us.

If an account holder is unable to contact us because they are ill or incapacitated, we may be in a position to discuss the account with a family member or spouse. We would encourage customers to formally arrange for authority to be documented on the account when the account holder is in the position to make contact with us to formalise the arrangement. Once your relationship to the account holder and your permission to manage or make queries on their account is documented you may contact us at any stage and act on the account holder’s behalf.

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