The top 5 lip-synching tips for #PowerBallads

Poster depicting dance moves for power ballads

The Electric Ireland Power Ballad Challenge only has today and tomorrow left, but that’s a long time for these things! We’ve put together some lip-synching tips to help you with your rehearsals – best of luck! #powerballads

1. Memorise the lyrics

First things first, you should memorise the lyrics. You can view the lyrics to most songs here. It’s a good idea to read the lyrics whilst listening to the song. At this point it’s good to note what words the singer over emphasises and where the song reaches its emotional highs.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of the original singer

To be able to do this well you should ask yourself questions like - what is the singer, thinking, feeling, doing? Think about what the song is about, what emotions the singer is trying to convey and then try to bring these to life.

3. It’s the little things that count

It’s the detail that makes your lip-sync video better than anyone else's. Take note of when the singer holds the note, takes a breath, builds up the emotion.

4. Practise in front of the mirror

When you’re ready, get a hairbrush and give it some welly (pardon the festival pun!) in front of a mirror so you can fine-tune your moves.

5. Bring in the movements

When you’ve gotten all of the above perfect, it’s time to bring in the movement. Choose from the popular Power Ballad moves - the fist clench, the air punch, the reach out, the distant gaze!

You’re now ready to enter the Electric Ireland Power Ballads competition to win 6 tickets to Electric Picnic for you and your friends (you’ll be very popular).