How to set up your electricity when moving home

People packing boxes to move home

We know there are more exciting things about moving than setting up gas and electricity in a new home. But it is important to include Utilities on your moving checklist! Moving house can be stressful, so at Electric Ireland we want to make managing your energy account as easy as possible.  

Whether you’re transferring utilities to a different property, opening a new account, setting up electricity for the very first time or wondering how to change the name on your Electric Ireland account, we’re here to help. Simply choose one of the options below, complete the steps and we’ll take it from there!  

Tick off utilities from your moving house checklist! 

Transfer Your Electric Ireland Account to Your New Home  

If you're moving house and would like to transfer your electricity or gas account with Electric Ireland to a new address and property, log in to your account online select your account and navigate to "Moving House".  

Open a New Energy Account  

First time setting up electricity for a new home? Or perhaps you’re shopping around for the best electricity offer right now? Either way, if you are not an existing Electric Ireland customer you can simply open an Electricity, Gas or Dual Fuel account with us now.  

At Electric Ireland, we believe in a brighter future. Over one million customers have the power to make huge changes when working together. That’s why as Ireland’s leading energy supplier, we not only provide the fundamentals, such as helping you set up your electricity for your new home, but we also support the big things like driving Ireland towards a low carbon future. Join us today.  

How to change the name on your Electric Ireland account  

Are you looking to transfer your electricity to a new owner? Transferring your utilities account to another person is only possible in exceptional circumstances.   

If you want to transfer an energy account to another person because you are moving home and somebody else is taking over the bills, you can simply close the existing account and the new tenant can open a new account in their name.  

There are a couple of ways to do this: 

  1. The new customer can open a new account in their name which will automatically close the current account in that property and issue that account holder's final bill. Any bills following that will be in the new account owner’s name.  


  1. The current account holder can close their account and then the new customer can open their own account here. We will issue a final bill to the customer that closed their account and any bills following that will be in the new account owner’s name.  

Close your energy account  

Choose this if you want to close your Electric Ireland electricity or gas account. Simply log in to Your Account Online, select your account and navigate to "Moving House" where you'll find the option to close your account.  

We hope we’ve answered your questions on how to set up utilities when moving home. For more information visit: Moving Home - Electric Ireland