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To fully unlock the benefits of your smart meter, switch to a smart meter plan and opt-in to personalised electricity insights. These insights offer a clear breakdown of your home’s electricity usage, enabling you to make smarter choices and take more control over your energy consumption.

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Upgrade* to a Home Electric+ smart meter plan today via your online account

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a smart meter to sign up to Home Electric+?

Yes, you need to have a smart meter installed to sign up for a smart meter plan.

2. How do I sign up to a smart meter plan?

For existing customers, you can sign up through your online account here.
For new customers, you can sign up on our smart tariff page here.

3. Why do I need an online account to sign up to Home Electric+?

Smart meter customers need an online account to access your insights which are only accessible through the online insights tool. Signing up is easy.
Click here to create an online account today. You’ll need your account number and last 6 digits of your MPRN number (right-hand side of your bill).

4. Why do I have to opt in to providing my data?

Your smart meter will feed your usage data to our insights tool. We require your consent to share your half hourly data with us, in order for us to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date insights.

5. What is a Time-of-use smart plan?

A time-of-use price plan charges different prices for electricity usage depending on the time of day. Typically, these price plans charge cheaper rates when electricity demand is at its lowest (e.g. night-time 11pm – 8am) and higher rates at peak times (e.g. weekdays 5-7pm) when demand is at its highest.
For example, customers can choose to use cheaper, greener electricity at night when demand is lower. If you are unable to change when you use electricity, time-of-use may not suit you.

6. Do I need a smart meter to avail of a Home Electric+ time-of-use plan?

Yes, you will need a smart meter to avail of a time-of-use plan.

7. Is a time-of-use plan more expensive?

You should only choose a time-of-use plan if you can change your behaviour to make to most of a time-of-use plan. For example, if you can move all your laundry to a Saturday when you get free electricity from 8 am to 11pm then Home Electric + weekender could save you money. If you are unable to change when you use electricity, TOU may not suit you.

8. When will I get my smart meter insights?

If you have signed up to an Electric Ireland Home Electric+ price plan, you will start to receive personalised electricity insights to help lower your bills and carbon footprint.

  • 2-3 days after signing up to a Home Electric+ plan (post cooling off period), you should see your electricity usage history within your Electric Ireland online account.
  • 4 months after signing up to a Home Electric+ plan, you should see the full range of electricity charts within your online account. This includes usage history, appliance itemisation, similar homes comparison, projected usage and electricity tips.
  • You’ll also receive regular emails to help you stay on track with your energy charges.
9. Why do I no longer see meter reads on my bill after having a smart meter installed?

When you sign up to a Home Electric+ product and agree to share your half hourly data your smart meter will automatically store 48 reads per day, due to the high volume of reads each individual read cannot be shown on your bill and because of this ESB Networks will only send your energy provider an amalgamated consumption data read, which is then reflected on your bill.

10. What is consumption data?

Consumption data is the usage data collected by your smart meter (measured in KWh) which enables more accurate energy reading and bills. Moving from a standard meter to a Home Electric+ product enables this information to become available to you. Your electricity flow is measured in half hourly intervals and is then sent to your energy provider, essentially removing the need for regular standard manual meter reads.

11. Where can I see my consumption data history?

As well as your consumption data being visible on your bill, you can also download your full consumption data (up to a maximum of 2 years) via your online account. To do this just log in and select ‘view your account’, then select the ‘Details’ tab on the home page, scroll down and select ‘Download your smart data’. This can be downloaded in a software friendly format including free options such as: online excel, google sheets, or if a desktop app is required, try open office for example.

12. Can a smart meter plan help me reduce the amount of electricity I use in my home?

Yes, our Home Electric+ smart meter plans give you advanced energy usage insights including appliance itemisation, to show you the where and when your using the most electricity, through understanding this it can help you reduce your usage. To date we have seen that customers on a Home Electric+24hr plan who switch from an equivalent 24hour standard plan, reduced their electricity consumption by up to 12% year on year.

12% saving based on comparable data set of 11K customers that had 12 months consumption (pre smart meter 24hour plan) and with 24hour smart meter plan, over a 2 year comparison period from 2021 to 2022. Customers in year 1 had an average electricity consumption of 4,635 kWh which reduced to average of 4,065 kWh in year 2, which equates to a 12.3% reduction in electricity year-on-year.