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5 Things to know about Smarter Pay As You Go Electricity

1. Sign up now and get €175 free credit:

If you switch to Electric Ireland and sign up to Smarter Pay As You Go now, you get €175 credit FREE!


If you’re already an Electric Ireland customer, you can sign up to Smarter Pay As You Go now and get €60 credit FREE!

2. Track your electricity usage and spend:

With Smarter Pay As You Go you can track your electricity usage and spend from your monitor. So, you’ll know how much electricity you’re using, and how much you’re spending on electricity, at all times. You can track your electricity usage by the hour, as well as by the day, month and year, so you can control your costs and budget your money. You can SMS your monitor to check your balance, and you can also use your monitor to check you carbon emissions, so you can be kind to the environment too.

3. Easy payment options:

You can set spending goals to suit your budget, and there are a number of easy payment options:

• You can top up online, or by text.

• You can make scheduled payments.

• You can select auto top up, to top up automatically when you run out of credit.

4. See what our customers have to say about it:

Our customers are very happy with it:

If all bills were like Smarter Pay As You Go, life would be a lot easier.Jen, Dublin

I used to always run out of electricity, but since switching to Smarter Pay As You Go, I have never ran out of electricity.Jillian, Dublin

It’s easy and reliable, and you have the choice of how much electricity you use!Jen, Dublin

5. It’s easy to Switch and Save

• Submit your details and a member of our sales team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the installation.

• There is no installation fee and the meter is free

Call 1850 30 50 90, or fill in the form to sign up.

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