All Electric Home Price Plan

For Homes with Heat Pump Technology

Our best price for homes with Heat Pump Technology

Introducing our exclusive All Electric Price Plan for homes that use electricity for everything from lighting and cooking to heating and hot water. If you use an electric heat pump, we offer extra savings to ensure that your environmentally-friendly home is also a cost-efficient home.

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As a new Electric Ireland customer you’ll enjoy:

  • A Sign-Up Bonus of up to €150
  • The All Electric Tariff with 10.5% off the day rates
    and 15.5% off the night rates*
  • Estimated Annual Bill €882 (incl. VAT)**
  • Night Unit Rate of €0.0884 (incl. VAT)**
  • Day Unit Rate of €0.1890 (incl. VAT)**
*Percentage discounts are inclusive of typical 5.5% discount awarded based on signing up to Direct Debit and Online Billing.
** EAB and Unit Rate are calculated for an urban customer who has opted for Night Saver, Online Billing and Direct Debit with a 50:50 usage breakdown between night and day. Actual bill may vary based on consumption.
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Why use a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps, also known as an air-to-water heat pumps, work by extracting heat from the air or the ground outside your home and use it to heat your water for use in the home or in radiators or underfloor heating systems.

As heat pumps are powered by electricity and the amount of energy required is small compared to the energy it extracts, they are much more energy efficient than traditional heating systems.
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