Security Deposit Policy

Customer credit risk evaluation policy and associated deposits / payment options

In order to minimise the risk of bad debts and to protect our residential customer base who pay their bills to terms, Electric Ireland requires residential customers moving suppliers or taking over a new account (move-in) to comply with one of the following options,

1. Pay their bill by Direct Debit
2. Install a PAYG Meter
If a customer declines to sign up to option 1 or 2 above, then the application of a security deposit is mandatory.
3. Security Deposit of €300.00 payable via debit card

In the situation of a customer returning to Electric Ireland in order for us to waive the deposit the customer must have a minimum of one year previous history with all bills paid according to the agreed payment terms. If the customer meets this criteria then the deposit can be waived.

Customers will be advised that failure to comply with the above conditions will result in supply being withdrawn.

The security deposit is automatically credited to the account following the 14-month anniversary of all payments being made in line with agreed credit terms.